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6号平台信誉怎样:FOF ushered in the second batch So how did the first batch of FOF performance? (Heavy weight warehouse fund)

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内容摘要: Last night, big news came in the fund's circle. According to the disclosure on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, t...

Last night, big news came in the fund's circle. According to the disclosure on the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the second batch of three FOF products was formally approved, plus six of the first batches launched before the first half of the year. Currently, there are nine publicly funded FOF products.

According to the announcement of the China Securities Regulatory Commission website, the three FOFs approved this time were selected by Zhongrong Quanquan, Shanghai Shangrui Hybrid, and Qianhai Open Source Yuyuan.

According to the approval, the second batch of FOFs will be scheduled for release within 6 months. The first batch of six FOFs was approved for September 2017, and the establishment time was concentrated from late October to early November. Based on this calculation, it is expected that the three FOFs should be established in the second quarter.

FOF is actually the Fund of Funds - "funds in the fund", which is a fund that is specially invested in other investment funds. Ordinary funds are purchases of securities such as stocks, bonds, and equity. The FOF investment targets these funds, and the investment risk is relatively low.

Well, the 6 FOFs that were first set up at have gone through more than four months of operation. What about the current performance? How are the layout ideas and positions?

Statistics show that the performance of the first 6 FOF funds is quite different. As of March 6, three out of six companies have achieved positive returns since their inception, with a net value of more than one yuan, including Jianxin Fuze Antai Mixture (FOF), Southern All Weather Strategy (FOF), and Huaxia Juhui (FOF). The other three have different levels of losses. (Note: For category A and C combined statistics, the net value is subject to category A, the same below.)

From the perspective of yield, CCB Fuze Antai blending (FOF) performed best with a net growth rate of 0.99 since its inception. %; The Southern All Weather Strategy (FOF) followed, with a net growth rate of 0.86%, and Huaxia Juhui (FOF) also received a 0.24% gain.

At the same time, Harvest Insight's asset allocation (FOF) performance bottomed out. Since its inception, the net value growth rate has been -1.74%. Since the establishment of Sea Fortis's Fine Special Mix (FOF), it has also fallen by 1.6%.


Among the six FOF funds, only the Southern All Weather Strategy (FOF) and Harvest Insight Asset Allocation (FOF) currently announced the 2017 All Seasons report. The data shows that the investment ratio of these two FOF product funds was 92.44% and 93.05%, respectively.

From the Four Seasons Report, these two FOF positions have their own characteristics. Specifically, the South China Sea (FOF) mainly focuses on its own funds. Among its top ten most heavily funded funds, the funds under the South Fund account for 8 funds, including money funds and bond funds , and The top 10 heavy positions are all solid products.


Harvester Asset Management (FOF) positions are relatively decentralized. Among the top 10 most heavily funded funds, there are 8 products under fund company , including EF and Xinhua Funds, and their own products account for only one.


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